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Small Cap companies have compelling stories to tell but limited time and resources to tell them. And busy executives often lack the bandwidth to manage an effective messaging strategy or the budget to engage a large Public Relations firm. Castano Communications Consulting, LLC was formed to assist this largely under served market segment. We offer an alternative to conventional PR solutions that can cost-effectively identify the appropriate communications strategy, tactics and tools to reach your target audience while you focus on your business. 

Manage Your Reputation

The purpose of public relations at its core is reputation management. The company that ignores its corporate reputation does so at its own peril. Voluminous available research indicates that positive perception of a company by the broader public can result in lower cost of capital, an ability to attract new investors, increased market capitalization and stronger resistance to volatility.  As all are integral to the success of a small cap, reputation management is therefore not a luxury to be enjoyed only by larger companies, but a necessary component of your communications strategy.

Engage Your Audience

As the saying goes, it takes years to build a positive reputation and minutes to destroy it. That has never been more pertinent than it is today, with the pervasiveness of the social web. You don’t need a research study to understand the impact that a bad story gone viral can have on a company’s reputation, and by extension its shareholder value. Small cap companies are especially vulnerable. Therefore, controlling your company’s social media presence is reason enough to institute a reputation management program, providing the company with a sense of “social security”.  

About Gregg Castano

My Experience

I spent 32 years with Business Wire, serving the needs of public relations and other comminications professionals. The last 7+, I served as its president. Along the way, I worked with and learned from the PR industry's finest. Positioned, as I was, at the crossroads of PR, IR, Wall Street and traditional, social & digital media, the invaluable knowledge I gained provides me with a unique perspective from which to offer my expertise.

My Pedigree

As President of Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, integrity and a high standard of performance were a way of life.  I saw first hand that ethics and excellence were not mutually exclusive, and in fact were symbiotic. Those values are now the cornerstone of my consulting philosophy, with which I combine my hard won expertise gained over the past 32+ years.

My Mission

I strive to deliver results to my clients in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective and quantifiable. I understand fully that the objective in every project is achieving measurable ROI.  I will pursue the goals of my clients as if they were my own and will do so in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of principled behavior and industry best practices.

A Simple Strategy For Success

Collaboratively Develop Your Message

We'll work closely with you and your team to identify, develop and formulate your company's key messaging.

Define Your Target Audience

Whether it's traditional or social media, investors, consumers or other influencers, we'll pinpoint the audience you need to target to achieve your business goals.

Create Compelling Content

Press releases, blogs, white papers, multimedia & infographics are among the many content formats we can craft to most effectively position your message.

Choose the Appropriate Content Delivery Tools

With our in depth knowledge of the PR services space, we can evaluate and select the service providers best equipped to deliver your content to the target audience in the preferred format.

Implement Strategy

We can help determine the best timing and sequencing for each phase of your ongoing PR program and coordinate directly with service providers to ensure precise execution.

Drive & Monitor Results, Measure ROI

We will work to promote your content to key targets and use today's most cutting-edge tools to gauge and interpret results in relation to your business objectives.

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Public Relations Counseling

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Audience Targeting

Reputation Management

Writing & Content Creation

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Social Media Management

Platform Development


Rapid Response

Engagement Strategy

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